Monday, August 27, 2012

74th National Turners Convention

Akron, Ohio - Site of the 74th Bi-Annual National American Turners Convention. 

We came from the four corners of the U.S.A., we Turners.  We came to renew, refresh and commit to a rejuvenated future.  Old acquaintences were reconnected.  New friends were established.  Those of us from the right and left coasts marveled at the heartland and came away with the realization that we just finished looking at America and what a refreshing look that was. 

We gave tribute to past accomplishments, respected in silence our departed members and saluted those serving in the armed forces.  We remembered our German heritage by hefting the national beverage and ate as if we had just finished a hard day's work behind a plow.  It was great fun.

Upper Photo:  Health and Physical Education Committee
Lower Photo:  David Liptak, Carole Kulzer Brennan, Tom Bozonelos
We did some serious work too, electing a new Executive Council.  Tom Bozonelos will have a second term of office as our National President.  David Liptak was voted in as our new Second Vice President and this writer was selected to serve as First Vice President.  We made adjustments for our future and talked about a greater inclusion of youngsters to insure a continuation of A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.
I left wondering how we, citizens from every part of our country, found it easy to come together, have discussions and arrive at a unified position and yet our political leaders can't.  What was the difference?  There's a wonderful German word to described that difference:  Gem├╝tlichkeit.  We should all strive for that!